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In designing our carrier screen, Pure Genetics adheres to ACMG guideline to select the most common and severe single gene disorders, with a focus on Asian ethnic background. We use genotyping and next generation sequencing (NGS) technology to provide accurate and reliable reports to patients. The labs we partnered with are CAP certified. Our team of genetic counselors provide professional advice to patients. We aim to be the most trusted genetics partner for you and your patients.

The most comprehensive panel offered in China

Pure Genetics Expanded Carrier Screening

  • Largest panel available, covering over 300 conditions
  • Next Generation Sequencing(NGS) of entire genes, not just hotspots
  • Deletion and duplication analysis
  • Quick turn-around-time and affordable prices

Our Lab KingMed (SH:603882) is CAP accredited and ISO 15189 certified. It surpasses the standards of diagnostic testing. It is Illumina’s biggest partner in China, and has established itself as the clear leader in pediatric hereditary disease diagnostic center in China.

The Right Choice

We save patients’ travel cost, making your practice more competitive

We offer carrier screening locally in China, allowing patients to undergo carrier screening without having to travel overseas for the test. This in turn makes your practice more competitive in the mainland Chinese market. Our genetic results can also guide your recommendations for patients based in mainland China.

We deliver to your patients international standard carrier screening

We simplify the process to deliver high quality carrier screening to you and your patients. We are here to ensure that top tier carrier screening is accessible, affordable and actionable.

The Step By Step Process

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We make it easy to qualify, educate, and order testing for your patients


We strive to make screening accessible for all patients who need it


We automate results delivery, merge couple reports, and follow up with your patients to save your practice time


Our board-certified GCs are available on-demand for all patients to ensure results are understood

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